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DSP Overview

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Welcome to Flojoy’s DSP Blocks page. Here you can find all the information regarding Flojoy’s digital signal processing capabilities.

BUTTER Apply a butterworth filter to an input signal.
FFT Perform a Discrete Fourier Transform on the input vector.
FIR Apply a low-pass FIR filter to an input vector. The filter is designed with the window method.
IFFT Perform the Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform on an input signal.
PEAK_DETECTION The PEAK_DETECTION block finds peaks based on peak properties.
PID Model a PID (proportional-integral-derivative) system.
SAVGOL Apply a Savitzky-Golay filter to an input signal. This is generally used for smoothing data.
TWO_DIMENSIONAL_FFT Performs a two-dimensional fast fourier transform on the input matrix.