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Hardware Overview

Welcome to Flojoy’s Hardware Blocks page. Here you can explore all the hardware that Flojoy supports!



ATTENUATION_LDA602 Set or query the attenuation for the LDA-602 Digital Attenuator.


RECORD_AUDIO Records audio using a local microphone.



READ_A0_PINS Read voltages from a sensor connected to a LABJACK U3 device.



BURST_MODE_33510B Turn the Burst mode of a supported function generator on or off.
CONNECTION_33510B Connect Flojoy to a 33510B function generator.
ON_OFF_33510B Turn the output of a supported function generator on or off.
OUTPUT_SYNC_33510B Sync multiple output phases of a supported function generator.
RETURN_ERRORS_33510B Return error messages from a supported function generator.
SET_WAVEFORM_33510B Set waveform settings for a 33510B function generator.


ALIGN_PHASES_AFG31000 Run this block to align the phases for ch1 and ch2.
ARBITRARY_AFG31000 Take the input waveform and use it as the arbitrary wavefunction.
BASIC_PARAMETERS_AFG31000 Set basic parameters such as frequency for a single channel.
CONNECT_AFG31000 Connect Flojoy to a AFG31000 function generator.
COPY_AFG31000 Copy the setup parameters to the other channel.
FUNCTION_AFG31000 Set the parameters for the built-in function generator.
OUTPUT_AFG31000 Set impedances and turn the outputs on or off.
RESET_AFG31000 Reset the instrument.
SAVE_STATE_AFG31000 Saves or recalls the state for the AFG31000.


OPEN_WEBCAM Open a connection with the selected camera.
WEBCAM Acquire an image using the selected camera.



TINYMOVR_CALIBRATE Discover and calibrate a connected tinymovr BLDC driver through a CANine USB-to-CAN controller.
TINYMOVR_SET_VELOCITY Direct a tinymovr BLDC driver to a set velocity.


TIC Control a stepper motor's movement through a Polulu TIC driver.
TIC_KNOB Control a stepper motor's movement through a Polulu TIC driver.



CONNECT_DMM7510 Open a VISA connection to a Keithley DMM7510.
DIGITIZED_TIME_DMM7510 Measures digitized data vs time.
DIGITS_DMM7510 Changes the number of digits for measurements for the DMM7510.
FUNCTION_DMM7510 Changes the measurement function for the DMM7510.
MEASUREMENT_FILTER_DMM7510 Changes the measurement filter settings for the DMM7510.
MEASUREMENT_PARAMS_DMM7510 Changes the measurement settings for the DMM7510.
READ_MEASUREMENT_DMM7510 Reads a single measurement from the DMM7510.
RESET_DMM7510 Resets the DMM7510 and clears buffers.


AC_CURRENT_USB4065 Reads the AC current from a National Instrument's USB-4065 DAQ board.
AC_VOLTAGE_USB4065 Read the AC voltage from a National Instrument's USB-4065 DAQ board.
CONNECTION_USB4065 Connect Flojoy to an NI USB4065 DAQ board.
DC_CURRENT_USB4065 Read the DC current from an NI USB-4065 DAQ board.
DC_VOLTAGE_USB4065 Read the DC voltage from an NI USB-4065 DAQ board.
DIODE_USB4065 Read the voltage drop across a diode with an NI USB4065 DAQ board.
RESISTANCE_USB4065 Read two-wire resistance with an NI USB-4065 DAQ board.



CONNECTION_2000 Connect Flojoy to an available Picoscope.
EXTRACT_TRACE_2000 Extract scope traces from a P2000 PicoScope.
FUNCTION_GENERATION_2000 Control wavefunction generation from a PicoScope.


CHANNEL_ON_OFF_DS1074Z Turn the channels on or off for the DS1074Z oscilloscope.
CONNECTION_DS1074Z Connect Flojoy to a DS1074Z oscilloscope.
DIGITAL_ON_OFF_DS1074Z The DIGITAL_ON_OFF_DS1074Z node turns digital channels on or off for the DS1074Z.
DIGITAL_TRACE_DS1047Z Extracts a traces from one of the digital channels (e.g D0).
DIGITAL_TRIGGER_DS1047Z Sets the digital triggering channel and threshold level.
EXTRACT_TRACE_DS1074Z Extracts the trace from an DS1074Z oscilloscope.
FUNCTION_GENERATOR_DS1047Z Controls the function generator, AKA 'Source' 1 and 2.
MEASUREMENT_DS1074Z Extract waveform measurements from a DS1074Z oscilloscope.
SIGNAL_FACTOR_DS1074Z Set the "probe" settings for the DS1074Z oscilloscope.
SINGLE_TRIGGER_DS1047Z Activates the single trigger mode.
TIME_AXIS_DS1074Z Change the time axis for the DS1074Z oscilloscope.
TRIGGER_DS1074Z Change the trigger settings for the DS1074Z oscilloscope.
VERTICAL_AXIS_DS1074Z Change the vertical axis display for the DS1074Z oscilloscope.


ADVANCED_MEASUREMENTS_MDO3XXX Extract waveform measurements from an MDO3xxx oscilloscope.
CONNECTION_MDO3XXX Connect Flojoy to a MDO3XXX oscilloscope.
EXTRACT_TRACE_MDO3XXX Extract a trace from an MDO3xxx oscilloscope.
MEASUREMENTS_MDO3XXX Extract waveform measurements from an MDO3XXX oscilloscope.
MEASURE_PHASE_MDO3XXX Measure the phase between two channels on an MDO3XXX oscilloscope.
TERMINATION_MDO3XXX The TERMINATION_MDO3XXX block sets the termination ohms (or queries it).
TRIGGER_CHANNEL_MDO3XXX Set the triggering channel of a MDO3XXX oscilloscope (or query it).
TRIGGER_LEVEL_MDO3XXX Set the trigger voltage of a MDO3XXX oscilloscope (or queries it).
TRIGGER_SETTINGS_MDO3XXX Sets advanced trigger settings for an MDO3XXX oscilloscope.
AFG_MSO2X Set the MSO2XX Function Generator settings.
CHANNEL_DISPLAY_MSO2X Set the MSO2XX channels on (1) or off (0).
CONNECT_MSO2X Open a VISA connection to an MSO2X Tektronix oscilloscope.
EDGE_TRIGGER_MSO2X Set the MSO2XX edge trigger settings.
HORIZONTAL_POSITION_MSO2X Set the MSO2X oscilloscope horizontal position or delay.
HORIZONTAL_SCALE_MSO2X Set the MSO2X oscilloscope viewport.
PROBE_ATTENUATION_MSO2X Set the MSO2XX probe attenuation for specific channel.
QUERY_CURVE_MSO2X Returns the curve query on a MSO2X oscilloscope, in voltage vs time.
SETUP_FILE_MSO2X Saves or recalls a instrument setup file (.set).
VERTICAL_POSITION_MSO2X Set the MSO2XX oscilloscope vertical offset for the specified channel.
VERTICAL_SCALE_MSO2X Set the MSO2XX oscilloscope viewport.



CAN_MESSAGE Send a message onto a CAN network through a slcan-compatible USB-to-CAN adapter.


PROLOGIX_ADDR Set the GPIB address of an instrument using the Prologix USB-to-GPIB or USB-to-Ethernet adapter.
PROLOGIX_AUTO Toggle "Read-After-Write" mode on or off.
PROLOGIX_HELP Return a list of available Prologix USB-to-GPIB firmware commands.
PROLOGIX_MODE Set the mode of the Prologix USB-to-GPIB controller - 1 for CONTROLLER mode and 0 for DEVICE mode.
PROLOGIX_VER Query the Prologix USB-to-GPIB firmware version.


IDN Query a device's identity through the universal *IDN? SCPI command.
MEASURE_VOLTAGE Query an instrument's measured output voltage, such as a DMM or power supply.
SCPI_WRITE Write a SCPI command to a connected bench-top instrument and return the result.


OPEN_SERIAL Open a serial connection through your computer's USB or RS-232 port.
SERIAL_SINGLE_MEASUREMENT Takes a single reading of data from a serial device (e.g. Arduino).
SERIAL_TIMESERIES Extract simple, time-dependent 1D data from an Arduino or a similar serial device.
SERIAL_WRITE Write a custom string to the selected serial device.



CALCULATE_CIRCLE_MOVE The Calculate Circle Move node moves in a circle relative to a reference plane. This node's output can be fed into a move keyframes node to create a movement along a circular path of a given radius and center point. This is not an opertaion on the robot, just generating keyframes.. It can feed into a move keyframes node to define a move for a Mecademic arm. Blending is recommended for a smooth circular move.
CONNECT The CONNECT node establishes a connection to the Mecademic robot arm via HTTP and activates the robot arm. The IP Address to use is the same one that is used to access the Mecademic web interface. Example:
DELAY Delay the action between two blocks.
DISCONNECT DISCONNECT disconnects the Mecademic robot arm via its API. This is required if the arm is to be used without rebooting.
HOME Home the robot arm. This block is required to be run before any other robot arm movement. It is recommended to run this block immediately after "ACTIVATE". The robot is expected to move a little bit during the running of this node.
MOVE_CIRCLE MOVE CIRCLE is an action node that moves the mecademic robot along a circular path defined by a center point about its current position.. It is equivalent to the combination of generating circle keyframes at the robot's current position and then running move keyframes. This node is useful for executing circular moves in tool relative space. A high blending value is recommended for a smooth circular move.
MOVE_JOINT Linearly move the robot's tool to an absolute Cartesian position.
MOVE_KEYFRAMES The MOVE_KEYFRAMES node linearly moves the robot's tool according to a set of 3d animation style keyframes.
MOVE_KEYFRAMES_LIN The MOVE_KEYFRAMES node LINEARLY RELATIVE TO A REFERENCE FRAME moves the robot's tool according to a set of 3d animation style keyframes.
MOVE_LIN Linearly move the robot's tool to an absolute Cartesian position.
MOVE_LIN_REL_TRF The MOVE_LIN node linearly moves the robot's tool to an absolute Cartesian position relative to the robot's tool reference frame which is set by the SET_TRF node.
MOVE_POSE Move the robot to a specified pose in space.
SET_BLENDING The SET_BLENDING to make the moves of the robot arm smoother.
SET_CART_LIN_VEL Set the robot arm's linear velocity in Cartesian coordinates.
SET_JOINT_VEL The SET_JOINT_VEL node sets the robot arm's angular velocity for its joints.
SET_TRF The SET_TRF node sets the robot arm's reference frame.



FLEXIFORCE_25LB Convert voltages measured with the Phidget Interface Kit into pressure units.


RESISTANCE_TO_TEMPERATURE The RESISTANCE_TO_TEMPERATURE node converts resistance to temperature.


LM34 Convert voltages measured with a thermocouple (LM34) connected to a LabJack U3 device into temperature units.



BANDWIDTH_FSV The BANDWIDTH_FSV block sets the bandwidths for the signal analyzer.
CONNECTION_FSV Connect Flojoy to a FSV network analyzer.
DISPLAY_FSV The DISPLAY_FSV block turns the display on or off during remote control.
EXTRACT_SWEEP_FSV Extract the sweep trace from an FSV network analyzer.
INIT_SWEEP_FSV Start the sweep for the FSV.
SWEEP_SETTINGS_FSV Set sweep settings for a FSV.
Y_AXIS_SETTINGS_FSV The Y_AXIS_SETTINGS_FSV node sets the y axis range.



BEEP_2450 Causes the 2450 to beep audibly.
CONNECT_2450 Open a VISA connection to an Keithley 2450 SourceMeter.
IV_SWEEP_2450 Sweeps current or voltage and measures the opposite for the 2450.
MEASURE_READ_2450 Returns the measurement reading from the 2450.
MEASURE_SETTINGS_2450 Changes the measurement settings for the 2450.
OUTPUT_2450 Turns the source output on or off.
RESET_2450 Resets the 2450 and clears buffers.
SOURCE_2450 Set the source output settings.
IV_SWEEP Take an I-V curve measurement with a Keithley 2400 source meter (send voltages, measure currents).
OPEN_KEITHLEY_24XX Open a connection to the Keithley 2400 source meter.