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Connecting to Orbit 3 Sensor by Orbit3 in Python

Instrument Card

Orbit 3 is a wireless sensor for ambient temperature and humidity monitoring. Install Orbit 3 at a suitable location, and it will wirelessly transmit temperature and humidity readings continuously. It can be used in precast factories, concrete laboratories, on-site โ€“ or wherever ambient climate creates value for you.

Orbit 3 Sensor

Device Specification: here

Manufacturer card: ORBIT3


Maturixยฎ is the smart solution addressing the needs of the construction and concrete industry. Our aim is to increase the ease of collecting, analysing and understanding your businesses data, through wireless sensing solutions.

  • Headquarters: Denmark
  • Yearly Revenue (millions, USD): 5
  • Vendor Website: here

Connect to the Orbit 3 Sensor in Python

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