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Multiplexer Switch Modules

Controlling Multiplexer Switch Modules in Python

Welcome to the Multiplexer Switch Modules page! Here you can find information about the Multiplexer Switch Modules instruments available in Flojoy.

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Multiplexer Switch Modules

Category Description PXI Multiplexer Switch Modules are ideal for high-channel-count applications that need to connect measurement or signal generation instruments to various test points on devices or units under test (DUTs or UUTs). PXI Multiplexer Switch Modules use a variety of relay types, including electromechanical armature relays, reed relays, field-effect transistor (FET) relays, and solid-state relays, each with their own benefits, allowing you to choose a multiplexer that fits your requirements. To program the switches, you can use the IVI-compliant NI-SWITCH driver software, complete with help documentation, example programs, and a soft front panel application for interactive control of switches. For intelligent management of complex switch systems, NI Switch Executive provides additional software tools to help you design, build, and deploy your switching system.