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Connecting to 5521A by Signalcore in Python

Instrument Card

The SC5520A and SC5521A are part of the ultra-high frequency synthesizer series (UHFS) of signal generators


Device Specification: here

Manufacturer card: SIGNALCORE


Founded in 2009, SignalCore, Inc. is a privately held company based in Georgetown, Texas. SignalCore designs and manufactures high quality, instrument grade RF and microwave subsystems. We serve customers worldwide in the industries of measurement, communications, aerospace, defense, academia, and electronics manufacturing. Our extensive engineering knowledge and experience in the design and manufacturing of high performance RF and microwave solutions ensures that our products are of the highest quality and reliability in the industry.

  • Headquarters: Georgetown, Texas
  • Yearly Revenue (millions, USD): 2.4
  • Vendor Website: here

Connect to the 5521A in Python

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