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Qubit Controllers

Controlling Qubit Controllers in Python

Welcome to the Qubit Controllers page! Here you can find information about the Qubit Controllers instruments available in Flojoy.

You can find all the available instruments from the sidebar

Qubit Controllers

Category Description Each control channel of the SHFQC has its own powerful sequencer for creating phase- and timing-programmable waveforms, so that a single SHFQC can control or couple qubits with pulses from DC to 8.5 GHz, and react at any time on measurements from the readout channel. With the SHFQC-16W upgrade option, the readout channelโ€™s freely configurable integration weights and readout-pulse memories are doubled from 8 to 16. This provides more flexibility in configuring the readout, e.g. by enabling full real-time control and readout of 6 qutrits.