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Flojoy Blocks Section

Looking to add/update the docs page for the Flojoy Block you made? Here is a simple breakdown of the repo structure and the steps you need to take.

All the Flojoy Blocks documentation is located in the docs/src/content/docs/blocks/ of this repo. Note that in this directory, all the files except are auto-generated, and nobody should edit them manually.

If you wish to edit the overview page for one of the block categories, you can edit the file directly.

However, if you are trying to add a doc page for the block you made, or edit the doc page for a specific block, you must do that in the blocks/ directory. You can find more instructions below.

Contribution Guide

TLDR: Just update whatever file in your block’s folder (within the blocks/ directory) and run poetry run python3 sync or just sync (need to have just installed) to auto generate the docs.

Each block’s documentation page is made of the following components:

1. A prettified docstring display for this block

To update this component, you need to add/update the docstring on the block’s Python code itself, and then run poetry run python3 sync to regenerate the docs page. This will auto regenerate the docstring for you.

IMPORTANT: Please refer to our docstring style guide to create a valid docstring :)

Example: the docstring for the ACCURACY block.

2. The Python source code for the block

Same as point above, just edit the block’s Python code directly and run poetry run python3 sync.

Example: the source code for the ACCURACY block.

3. An example Flojoy app using this block

To add/update the example app, you will have to add an app.json file which sits in the same folder at the block’s Python code. Or simply update the existing app.json file to be your updated Flojoy app. You do not need to run the sync command in this case.

Example: the app.json for the ACCURACY block.

4. A breakdown of this example app

Same idea as before, you can add an file in the same folder as the block’s Python code. Or simply update the existing file. Run poetry run python3 sync once you are done!

Example: the for the ACCURACY block.

Note: If you encounter any error while running the sync command, don’t panic! The error should be very self explanatory and you should treat the error message as your best friend when debugging. Still having trouble? Post your question in our community Discord server and we will help you out!

Happy contributing, we cannot wait to see the Flojoy Block you made!