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Connecting to APT Stepper Motor Control Module by Thorlabs in Python

Instrument Card

The APT™ MST602 module is a dual-channel, high-resolution, rack-mounted stepper motor driver designed for use with the APT MMR601 Motion Control 19” Modular Rack System. It has been designed to drive 2-phase bi-polar stepper motors up to 50 W, with or without encoder feedback, and is compatible with the full range of stepper-motor-equipped nanopositioning actuators and stages offered by Thorlabs. Alternatively, it is also compatible with any generic two-phase bi-polar motor of varying powers and varying cardinal step sizes.

APT Stepper Motor Control Module

Device Specification: here

Manufacturer card: THORLABS


Thorlabs, Inc. is an American privately held optical equipment company headquartered in Newton, New Jersey. The company was founded in 1989 by Alex Cable, who serves as its current president and CEO. As of 2018, Thorlabs has annual sales of approximately $500 million.

  • Headquarters: USA
  • Yearly Revenue (millions, USD): 550
  • Vendor Website: here

Demo: Send commands to a Polulu stepper motor driver

Connect to the APT Stepper Motor Control Module in Python

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