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Create a Flojoy Block

Getting Started!

To create a new Flojoy Block, you can use our CLI to generate the boilerplate code for you!

First, we recommend you to have just installed, this allows you to type just add BLOCK_NAME anywhere in the blocks repository, instead of typing out the full command (poetry run add BLOCK_NAME)

Once you have just installed, head to anywhere in the blocks folder and run just add BLOCK_NAME.

For example, if I am in the blocks/AI_ML/CLASSIFICATION/ folder, I can run just add MY_NEW_ML_BLOCK and my new block will be located at blocks/AI_ML/CLASSIFICATION/MY_NEW_ML_BLOCK/

Contributute to Flojoy’s Blocks Collection

Here is a quick checklist to make sure everything is good before you make a PR.

  1. Make sure the block functions properly, and write a comprehensive docstring describing what it deos.
  2. Double check if there is any Python errors, looking for red squiggly lines in your code editor!
  3. We want the code format to look pretty and consistent! (You can do so with poetry run ruff format . or simply just format)
  4. Show everyone how this block works! You should create an example app in app.json and the description for this example app in
  5. Lastly, you can run poetry run python3 sync or just sync and make sure there is no errors.

Seems like a lot of steps! But this is how we make sure that every Flojoy Block is comprehensive and reliable in your workflow :)