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Connecting to NI PXIe-5654 by National Instruments in Python

Instrument Card

PXIe, 250 kHz to 20 GHz, PXI RF Analog Signal Generator—The PXIe-5654 features a combination of exceptional phase noise and frequency tuning time. These features address applications such as blocker test/receiver desensitization, high-performance intermodulation distortion measurements, and various electronic warfare applications. The PXIe-5654 is designed to meet the challenging requirements of RFIC characterization, satellite test, and radar applications. Some PXIe-5654 options include a PXIe-5696 Amplitude Extender Module. The PXIe-5696 supports a frequency range of 250 kHz to 20 GHz and an extended amplitude range up to 27 dBm.

NI PXIe-5654

Device Specification: here



A producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software. Common applications include data acquisition, instrument control and machine vision.

  • Headquarters: Austin, Texas, USA
  • Yearly Revenue (millions, USD): 1657
  • Vendor Website: here

Connect to the NI PXIe-5654 in Python

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