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Connecting to PicoHarp 300 by Picoquant in Python

Instrument Card

The PicoHarp 300 is a high-end, easy to use, plug and play Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) system. It is connected to a PC through a USB 2.0 interface. The high quality and reliability of the PicoHarp 300 is expressed by a unique 5-year limited warranty.

PicoHarp 300

Device Specification: here

Manufacturer card: PICOQUANT


The PicoQuant group was founded in 1996 to develop robust, compact, and easy to use time-resolved instrumentation and systems. Since April 2008 sales and support in North America is handled by PicoQuant Photonics North America Inc. In January 2010, the PicoQuant group was extended by PicoQuant Innovations, which was founded to support the increasing activities in the field of teaching, customer support, and event organization.

  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
  • Yearly Revenue (millions, USD): 14.7
  • Vendor Website: here

Connect to the PicoHarp 300 in Python

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