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Introduction to Flojoy Blocks

Apps in Flojoy Studio are comprised of Blocks - which are simply Python scripts under-the-hood.

Connect Flojoy Blocks together in the Flojoy Studio canvas with drag-and-drop. It takes only a few nodes to build powerful DAQ, robotics, data science, or AI apps. Flojoy is the easiets, fastest way for no-code or low-code engineers such as mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, aerospace engineers, fluidics engineers, or applied biologists to build powerful, Python-based data pipelines without coding.

On this docs page, you will find all blocks that are available out-of-the-box in Flojoy Studio. If youโ€™re a proficient Python developer, you can also build your own, custom blocks by following this guide. You can also contact us.

All of the blocks that you can find on the left sidebar are free to use, open-source (MIT licensed), and available on GitHub.